Some trends I might risk to write down about what could be good business in a near future:

  • Anything related to sex, sex is always worthy and probably it would be more in a future with a lot of young and not so young women liberated from the social archaistic thinking

  • Greed economy, if you wanna know more about you have to find it yourself because I drinking a lot of Ribera del Duero red wine (De Pagos Quintana, very nice 6 o 7 € ) and it’s a long theme, but you can find out more if you try……..This is making and specially it’s going to be a lot, a huge bunch of money at the same time that makes people happier and work organisation more suitable for the women.

  • Linked to the point before…………….. exquisite food, a future with less but more quality, well presented food is coming soon to a delicatessen or restaurant near you…….

  • Technology but be selective with that………………. 50 % of the people of the world have never talk by a phone yet and graveyard it´s packed with supposed good gadgets

I good like to create a site about business ideas that put in contact nice people with initiative, but I need someone with a practical mind, organisation skills and a whip in order to make it possible. And probably a job, or a small patrimony to spend from…….... so probably I let it for never......

Upppsss: Just remember: Unless you have a lot of money you won’t need, don´t start a good business for the future………. star a good business for this month

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